New Feature Hardware/Embedded Platform Services

Release Notes - v3.14.0


What's New

  • We are excited to introduce the Hybrid meter data processing solution with a new Flexible Reporting Mechanism which delivers substantial cost savings for the NET2GRID INSIGHT platform, and can reach up to 41%, while retaining the majority of valuable use-cases for end-users. By configuring our Smart Bridges to report by default low-resolution energy measurements to the disaggregation service, we reduce cloud storage usage while retaining critical real-time on-the-edge features like real-time EV charging event detection and high-resolution power graphs via the on demand power data streaming API.


  • Account Management API now covers more edge cases in regards to the organization names retrieval when integrating with the Dutch EAN Codeboek.

  • Improvements to the CE-API refresh token flow.

  • Various improvements regarding the error-handling of the Account Management API in Platforms with EDSN datahub integration enabled.

  • Improving the Space Heating (HVAC) NILM algorithm for low-resolution meter data reporting by integrating local outdoor temperature data and end-users baseline consumption.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug has been spotted and fixed in Platforms where EDSN datahub integration is enabled, where meters could be added or modified on the installation level through the Account Management API.

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