New Feature Energy Analytics

New Feature - Detection of sauna in high resolution data


Detection of sauna in high-resolution data


We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our high-resolution disaggregation service with the addition of sauna product energy consumption estimation. This feature brings even greater precision and insight to end-users, empowering them with comprehensive information of their personal energy consumption.


As part of this enhancement, our high-resolution Insight service estimates and tracks the daily energy consumption specifically attributed to saunas. The estimated energy consumption for saunas will be seamlessly integrated into the existing Appliance Events report. The sauna consumption will be reported on with the user profile having selected sauna products being used at home by end-users.

Customer benefits

By incorporating this new appliance into our NILM algorithms, we have further refined the accuracy of our energy disaggregation. End-users can expect more detailed breakdowns of their energy consumption and gain valuable insights into the energy usage patterns of their saunas, allowing them to monitor and manage their energy consumption more effectively. This new feature will also lower the Other category consumption as sauna consumption will be reported separately.

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