NET2GRID Release Notes - v3.27


What's New

  • Non-smart meter disaggregation

    We're introducing a new service that expands our disaggregation capabilities to users without smart meters. Building upon our existing support for 1 s. and 15/30/60 min. data, our platform now enables energy disaggregation for a broader user base leveraging manual meter readings used for billing purposes by utilities. This service not only empowers utilities to offer disaggregation services to their entire user base but also facilitates expansion into markets with low smart meter penetration, providing unprecedented insight into energy usage patterns.


  • Our EnergyAI monthly disaggregation reports now include additional meta-data, enabling customers to precisely determine the period for which the report was generated. This enhancement also facilitates more effective and seamless integration with downstream systems. For detailed information please refer to the NET2GRID INSIGHT Output File Specification.

  • Technical improvements have been implemented on the CE-API authentication, aimed to proactively address scalability concerns.

Bug Fixes

  • We have addressed a graph loading issue in the Support Portal that was affecting a specific customer instance. Support agents should now experience seamless navigation and functionality within the portal.

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