NET2GRID Release Notes - v3.25



  • End-users are now able to set up their profile & billing information in a client application immediately after completing their registration, regardless of whether energy data is available on the cloud. This allows users who receive data from data-hubs with a delay to complete the onboarding journey at once.

  • The Basic Account Management API now allows customers to disable the generation of the EnergyAI reports for users of their preference. A helpful feature when the user base is increasing very rapidly and the customer's downstream systems need time to scale up and consume the generated reports.

  • Support Portal improvements:

    • Resolved an issue that prevented showing the installation profile information about space and water heating in the Support Portal.

    • Some fields' values are now in an improved human-readable format.

    • The secondary firmware of the SBLR4912 Smart Bridge is now visible under the Hardware information block.

    • When support agents assume identity for end users they can now copy the generated pincode to the clipboard, thus speeding up the support procedure.

  • Enhanced the peer comparison functionality for users with a small number of peers. Now users with 5 or fewer counterparts will receive insight reports normally.

Bug Fixes

  • Handling an edge case that introduced data gaps for a limited number of users receiving data from the Fluvius Data Hub.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the proper calculation of the monthly capacity peaks for a small group of users.

  • The meter information can now be shown in the Support Portal for the SBLR4912 Smart Bridge.

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